Monday, August 31, 2009

Zoom Gallery Xml

Zoom Gallery Xml
(full version / Source FLA + SWF / 6.3 Mb)

A zoom gallery with multiple navigation methods.
Navigation Methods:

* Drag the picture to a side to navigate. A single click will cause a zoom out
* Use the buttons above to scroll
* Press on the sides of the pictures to scroll to
* Use your keyboard arrows to navigate and press space to zoom out

Customizable Options (by XML ):

* background color
* (company) name
* image smoothing on/off (is set off in this preview)
* explenation on/off
* image border thickness
* image border color
* image horizontal and vertical spacing
* image maximum width and height
* info per image (optional)
* link per image (optional)
* add as many albums you like
* add as many pictures you like (jpg, png, swf)

Extra Features

* Organized and commented code
* Pictures are being loaded one by one in order, so no loading screens
* When info or link is not filled in for an image, the info or link buttons won’t be clickable
* Description text adapts to the width of an image, so multiple lines of description possible