Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Real Embedded Google Search

Real Embedded Google Search

With this file you can integrate real Google search into your Flash site! Other files simply link to Google or use PHP code to scrape search results. This file connects directly to Google’s official API , so there is no need for additional server-side code.
Note: You can use this as a site search for your site! It will allow you to search through any pages on your site that are index by Google.

The design can be easily changed through editing MovieClips. To see an example of how I customized it to look like Google, click here.

To use this file in your existing project, simply drag the “GoogleSearch” MovieClip into your existing FLA file.
Notable Features

* Easily skinnable, easy to integrate
* Ability to search only within a specific website (i.e. your site!)
* Ability to limit results to a specific language
* Optional search filter to filter out adult content