Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flash Timeline 2

Flash Timeline 2

Included are:
* Flash 8+ Flash File
* Flash Exported Movie
* True Type Font Used

Font(s) used:
* Helvetica Neue Thin

How to modify the file that holds the content ({data.xm}l):
1. The attribute "difference" in the root tag means the difference between the years. You can set it 3 up to 10
2. Between the year tag, please write your year number
3. The text tags hold the text information that you want to put for that year. the XML is UTF3 encoded, so you can type in any character you want
4. Inside the pic tag, please enter the numbers 1 or 0 (zero). 1 means TRUE and 0 means FALSE. If you have a picture for the 2002 year, rename that picture into 2002.jpg, place it into the [images] folder and write down 1 inside the pic tags. If you don't have a picture for a year then write down 0.