Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deluxe Flashpack 4 Templates Pack

Deluxe Flashpack 4 Templates Pack

* Navigation preview .fla file included

PACK Contents:

XML PREMIUM TEMPLATE V3 Ñ‹ Premium Template V3 is now more complete, with video gallery and complete dynamic xml menu. You can load any project, video, graphic, animated swfs and easy update by xml files.

* You can edit menus / photos / videos/ descriptions / urls / text fields by XML
* Music off when video is active
* You can add HTML formatted text
* Fullscreen and resizable site
* Mouse Right click menu
* Mp3 player
* Easy transitions
* Full contact form
* Text fonts included
* Fla files included
* Instructions txt file included

XML PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE V2 Ñ‹ With this website template you can edit all content without open or edit flash file. You can edit logo, background photos, section photos, background effects and many more, All text fields and galleries are driven by xml.

This is the version 2, so i add some nice features like image zoom with auto scroll if the full image is bigger than your stage width, gallery with sub categories, contact form and cool menu navigation. I hope you like this news.

* Full xml driven
* Fullscreen mode on mouse right click options
* Image zoom with auto scroll
* Complete contact form with error check
* Complete portfolio with sub categories
* Masked background effects
* Mp3
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* Fullscreen by right click
* Gallery loads jpg, swf, png, gifĞ°
* Description for each item in the gallery
* Scroll appear when text height is bigger than window
* Original mouse cursor in the gallery section
* You can add many photos you want
* File with only 29 kb
* Fonts included
* All code in the fla file is commented

3D PRODUCT GALLERY Ñ‹ This is my product/photo viewer with 3D navigation driven by XML . You can add any number of photos/products with all parameters costumizable by xml: Thumbs, big photo, descriptions, links, price, caption, etcĞ°

* XML driven
* 3D navigation look
* Scrollbar for text descriptions
* Link disable by xml file
* Fullscreen options with right click
* Drag and Drop to your project
* AS 2 .0
* Code is commented

XML NEWS MODULE Ñ‹ This is a full customizable flash news module by xml. You can edit the follow parameters:

* Time for the auto play transitions
* Date , title and description for each news
* Photo url path
* Destination link when you click in each photo
* Set auto play on or off when module is loaded

* Full xml driven
* You can add unlimited number of news
* Loader for each photo
* Accordion style transitions
* Auto Play
* Fonts included
* All code in the fla file is commented

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