Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Advanced Fullscreen Media Gallery

Advanced Fullscreen Media Gallery

This is a fully dynamic, fullscreen (resizable) media gallery that supports both photos and video files (flv, mov or any other h.264 format etc.).

Each photo can have a html formatted description which means you can use standard html tags to format the texts color, size, add links, make it bold or even add images in this description area. Check out the first 3 photos in the first album for a demo.

It can contain a virtually unlimited number of albums (only limited by the text display space) and an unlimited number of photos/videos. It is easy to use and implement and it looks gorgeous ! Cool lightbox style large media display with next/previous arrows, title, description (optional) and close button.Scrollbar will appear in the thumbs listing page if thumbs won’t fit.

Settings in the XML File:
- height and width of the thumbnail display area (main content mask)
- distance between the menu buttons
- Thumbnail width and height
- the horizontal and vertical thumb space
- for each item : thumbnail path, large image/video path, title, type of media and of course html formatted description. The description is not mandatory and if it’s missing the popup window will resize acordingly.


[via http://www.warez4u.info/]