Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Pro Xml v1 Template

The Pro Xml v1 Template
is an AS3 full xml website solution that allows you to create and customize a simple portfolio website in short amount of time. To provide a more efficient structure and performance to this template we’ve used the Gaia Framework version 3.0.3 for AS3. You can get more information about this platform here.

Easy to manage, you can edit all contents via xml and change the looks of your website by simple Flash edition. To help you in all of these issues you’ve a complete support manual divided in modules and with an index which will guide you quickly.

Here’s a complete list of what you’ll find in the Pro Xml v1 Template
Navigation Menu
Quick Menu Bottom Bar with latest project and latest news.
Homepage with video player.
About Us
Work with categories and multi galleries with image and video support.




password: sharemafia