Monday, August 17, 2009

Classic page flip XML driven

Classic page flip XML driven

This is a classic flip book based on the idea to create a more intuitive way of browsing PDF ’s and other content. It is fully dynamic and loads external pages in different formats.


* Full XML
* Uses CSS to format text fields
* Smoothing of pages forced
* Pages get an internal shading and highlight
* Pages get scaled on load, which enables you to make crisp zoomed images
* Only a few items in the library with a blank stage, so fully coded
* Automatic thumbnail creation
* Zoom features with extended zoom option
* Internal and external linking
* Define the buttons you need in the top bar
* Multiple button packs included with FLA ’s
* Print options
* PDF download button
* Contact form (PHP included)
* No annoying tooltips, still with user support
* Liquid layout
* Book becomes visible when 8 pages have loaded
* No flipping beyond the last loaded page
* Flash8 support
* MP3 player
* Background image (centered, tiled or full screen)
* Reverse read direction
* Automic flip through engine
* User system check




In preview.fla (actionscript) change the line:
FlashDenPreviewFileProtection.IsPreviewFile = true;
FlashDenPreviewFileProtection.IsPreviewFile = false;