Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flip Tab Image Rotator

Flip Tab Image Rotator

UPDATE [29 July 09]: Custom the menu color, menu number, menu position, image size etc via XML . screenshots
UPDATE [17 June 09]: Add 2 cube transition option.
UPDATE [18 MAY 09 ]: Add fade transition option.
Features include:

* Driven by pure AS3 document class.
* XML driven content. There is 3 sample XML in the source.
* Optional XML path.
* Optional menu align position: left or right.
* Optional transition style, include: cube, fade, flip(vertical or horizontal).
* Optional menu color: it can be green, blue, pink, or brown.
* Optional image size.
* Optional image caption.
* Optional link of the big image.
* Optional slideshow style auto display.
* Support many file type: jpg, png, gif, and swf.
* Force smooth images.
* Unlimited amount of news can be displayed.

Screenshot of the XML :