Monday, July 27, 2009




* Random zoom and movements of images (Ken Burns effect).
* Could be used as banner system (with a link per image).
* Optional Navigation panel at the top (could be hidden).
* Optional Descriptions panel at the bottom (could be hidden).
* Description panel immobilizer (the description panel always stays on ).
* Possibility to change the colors of the Description panel for each image
* Optional Play/pause button (could be hidden).
* Unlimited images loaded from a separate folder, via XML .
* Images loaded sequentially or “on demand” (Preloading for each image).
* Slideshow size could be changed (! requires bigger images (in width and height) than the slideshow size – for the zooming effect – !).
* Developed with Actionscript 2 (compatible with flash player 8, 9 and 10).
* Ready to be used directly in a .html page, or to be loaded in a MovieClip.

XML parameters for easy customizations:

* slideshowWidth: Width in pixel of the slide show.
* slideshowHeight: Height in pixel of the slide show.
* imageTime: Minimum Number of second(s) when the image is animated & displayed.
* transitionTime: Number of second(s) for the transition between 2 images.
* easeType: Transition effect (Bounce, EaseOut, ...).
* toShuffle: Shuffle at random the order of your images or not.
* enableNavigation: Enable the navigation panel at the top, or not.
* enableDescriptions: Enable the description panel at the bottom, or not.
* lockDescriptionOpen: Open and lock the description panel at the beginning of the animation.
* enablePlayPauseButton: Enable the play/pause button in the description panel, or not.
* enableImageLink: Enable a link for each image.
* elementsTransitionTime: Number of seconds for the animation of the descriptions panel and the navigation panel.
* elementsEaseType: Transition effect for the navigation and description panels (Bounce, EaseOut, Elastic,...).
* colorTheme: Color of the tittle + color of the play/pause button (for each image).
* colorBackground: Background color of the navigation and descriptions panels (for each image).
* colorDescription: Color of the description text (for each image).
* imageName: Name of the image (for each image).
* imageDescription: Description of the image (for each image).
* url: Link to external pages / websites (for each image).

Some possible customization via .fla:

* Other Colors and transparencies could be changed in the .fla.
* Fonts could be changed in the .fla.
* The sizes of the panels (navigation & description for bigger thumbnails or more description text).



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