Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Compact and Functional MP3 Player with PayPal [XML+AS2]

Compact and Functional MP3 Player with PayPal [XML+AS2]

Includes Flash8 and Flash CS3 Source Files for customisation

XML +AS2 Driven MP3 Player, small when not needed and very functional when needed. Player expands in 2 ways to reveal different controls. PayPal button can be switched on or replaced with a normal http link using the XML file. For more details read on…


Carbon Fibre effect used throughout along with rollover effects for (what i think is) a nice sleek look.

Volume Fades, skipping tracks causes the currently playing track to fade out then the next track fades in, the speed of these fades can be edited easily and can be switched off if you wish.

Option to buy the tracks, define a price and a paypal email address for each track so that you can sell your music online through multiple paypal accounts.

Multiple catergories, each loading its own seperate xml file, allowing you to arrange your music as you desire.

VERY easy to customise the appearance, all movieclips are on stage and ready to change.

List of editable variables in flash to customize things like Autoplay, names and xml files of categories, speed of volume fades and an editable variable to customize the currency used for paypal.

3 Display ‘Modes’

- Compact, with only controls for swapping tracks and opening the player.

- Song Info, Displaying song information + thumbnail and link/buy button.

- Extra Controls, including scrub bar, categories, volume control and animated thumbnail playlist.


The player can be placed discreetly on any website and can be used in this form to simply skip through tracks, pause tracks or stop playback entirely and takes up minimal space.

Song Info

The player expands when you click the ‘info’ button (button changes to a ‘X’ button to close it), to reveal information about the currently playing track including…

Track Name
Artist Name
Album Name
and also the Album/CD/Artwork image.

A button in the top right that can be switched from a paypal button to a standard http link button using XML .

Use the XML to set the price and the paypal email address to pay for each track, meaning each track can have a different price and be sold through a different paypal account if required…

alternatively this can be changed to a standard link button and link to the artists myspace/homepage etc

Extra Controls

The player expands when you click the down arrow button (button changes to a ‘X’ button to close it) to reveal extra functionality including…

Multiple Categories, each tab opens a different xml file, causing the player to load a new playlist. Tab names and names of files to be loaded can be changed easily in the actionscript of the FLA .

Scrub/Seek bar, click and drag the playhead to skip through the song, or click the timeline to skip to that part, also includes a visual representation of how much of the track has loaded.

Playlist, thumbnails that fade and display track information on rollover, can hold unlimited tracks.

Im sure there are other features you will find, just have a play and see what you think, as always, comments/suggestions and feedback are welcome.