Friday, July 31, 2009

Flash MMX Forums v2.6.4

Flash MMX Forums v2.6.4

Install Instructions:

1) Extract all the files on your local machine and make sure that the directory structure is there (you should have a lot of PHP files, a few SWF files, and 4 directories; avatars, img, default, and admin253)

2) Upload all the files to your web server.

3) CHMOD the db.php file to 777 (most FTP programs will have this in the right click menu with something like "change permissions")

4) CHMOD “avatars” and “img” directories to 777

5) Point your browser to setupdb.php in the place you extracted all the files to on your server. (eg.

6) Follow the on screen instructions and you will be set!

MX Projects - Forum 2.7.1