Friday, July 31, 2009

34 Special Flash CS3 Components

34 Special Flash CS3 Components
RS-com / 44MB / RAR

Flash components are pieces of advanced flash work,also called flash extensions,
that extends Flash functionality to enable fast integration,
skinning and deployment for beginner to advanced level users.
Most of all our flash components are made especially for Flash 8 and Flash CS3,
some of them work only for AS2.0 flash projects, others only for AS3.0.
However, the V3 flash components are available both AS2.0 and AS3.0 in the same bundle, so you can use them for each type of projects.

-Accordion Menu V3
-Advanced MP3 Player V1
-AM Theme OrangeU2
-Bonus TxEff Full License
-Color Picker Pro V3
-Mac/Pc CS3 UI Skin
-V3 3D Cube
-V3 FallDown
-V3 Flip Pack
-V3 FlipPage
-V3 Genie
-V3 Pixelate
-V3 RippleAlpha
-V3 Square_Pack
-V3 SquareLight
-V3 Swap
-V3 Switch
-V3 Unpack
-V3 WaterDrops
-V3 Zoom
-MovieClip Transition Effects V3
-ScrollBar Pro V1
-Text Menu Bar V1
-Thumbnail List_ V1
-Thumbnail Slider V1
-ToolTip 2007 Pro V1
-Vista Black CS3 UI Skin
-Vista Blue CS3 UI Skin
-XML Slide Show V3