Friday, July 31, 2009

XML News Ticker White

Flashden: XML News Ticker White

This is a very easy to use compact news ticker. It resizes to fit the width of the stage. It can easly be integrated in html.

Features list:

* Unlimited number of news
* Everything is tweened for smooth and nice movement/appearance
* Easy to customize
* Resizable, it takes the width of the Stage (in html, the width given to the object tag)
* Keep track of where you are and easily go to next or previous headlines
* XML driven:
1. change headline color for normal state and over state
2. define the delay between consecutive messages
3. specify date/time/link/window for each headline. The link tag can contain JavaScript functions. The window tag is a parameter specifying the window or HTML frame that the document should load into. You can enter the name of a specific window or choose from the following reserved target names: _blank/_parent/_self/_top
4. define the maximum characters that should be displayed by the news bar. If this number is reached, the text will be truncated (”Hello wo∦”;).