Monday, November 2, 2009

Flash XML Shop Pro

Flash XML Shop Pro
full version / 6 Mb

XML SHOP PRO is a powerful dynamic shop, you can easily change all shop contents, element Colours, Buttons and Texts via XML file. Shop powered with PayPal & Bank Account Payment options, this shop includes four different modules on XML product setting that cover almost every type of product, but what they are?
• Products Type A or PTA , for Products with different Colours, sizes and prices
• Products Type B or PTB , for products with different Colours
• Products Type C or PTC , for products with different Sizes
• Universal Products or UP, for simple products without any options to choose

What’s new in this Shop?
• Category on products, each category can be set with different shop module [PTA, PTB , PTC and also UP]
• Shop Elements Colours are fully dynamic and can be update via XML file [shop_colour_setting.xml]
• New Shopping Cart with more powerful options
• Ability of Printing the Product Photos, Prices and Information Texts
• PHP Order Form with dynamic Terms and Condition Text [This needs a PHP4 on your server]




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