Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Director's Portfolio

Art Director's Portfolio
Source FLA - SWF / 6.4 Mb

This is a full XML driven website template which is designed to be used as an Art Director/Web Designer/Flash Designer’s portfolio site. It includes everything you need to get a nice portfolio site up and running – so if you don’t have the time or ActionScript skills to build your own site here is your solution. You don’t need Flash to make this portfolio your own – almost everything can be set and customized from a simple external XML file.


* Deeplinking support using SWFAddress—each section and each portfolio item has its own unique URL that can be bookmarked or emailed to a client to show off a particular project
* Easily change all of the colors including the gradients—all from the XML file
* Logo name and tagline can be set from the XML —you don’t need to own the font since it is embedded
* Logo can also be your own PNG file you create yourself
* PHP contact form
* Right-click menu with email and copyright
* Fully resizeable
* Code is very clean and organized so if you are comfortable with ActionScript you can rework and repurpose the file however you want
* Supports up to 18 portfolio items with up to 5 images to go along with each
* Coded in ActionScript 2.0




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