Monday, November 23, 2009

Dark XML Fullscreen Web Template

Dark XML Fullscreen Web Template
Source FLA - SWF / 5.2 Mb

This website template is fully resizable, customizable in the xml, and is only 29kb! You never even need to touch your flash file.
You can customize:

* Highlight color
* Size of thumbs, buttons, content, etc.
* Images and thumbnails
* Captions
* Page layouts
* Externally loaded swfs
* Contact email
* All text
* Music
* Autoplay music
* Logo

The rollover gallery menu on top hides when you are not using it, scrolls right and left if there are too many to fit, and has a thumbnail show up on rollover. Each image is associated with a caption that shows up on rollover. There are also next and back buttons that hide when they are on the first or last image. There is even a button that makes this template fullscreen



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