Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YouTube playlist with thumbnails

YouTube playlist with thumbnails
Source FLA - SWF / 160 Kb

This is a video gallery based on the official YouTube API . It’s XML based.


* xml based
* playlist with or without scroll bar (depending on the amount of tracks)
* volume control
* play / pause button
* preview track and next track buttons
* shuffle button (if pressed it will get a random video on change state)
* repeat button (if it is pressed the current track will repeat over and over)
* full screen mode (under the video screen you can see a full screen button)
* progress bar
* time (the current and total time)

There are 3 variables that you can embed in the html code:

* playlist = xml file name
* autoplay = true or false
* rollover_changing_thumbs = true or false (in case you want the thumbnails to change on roll over)

If you load this player into another swf and then you want to unload it, just initiate (loader movie clip instance name).ytplayer.destroy(); before you unload the loaded swf player.



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