Tuesday, October 20, 2009

User Login

User Login

This file can handle unlimited user account. The current file has 8 already added all that is needed to be changed is the username and password.

Each user account can have a unique URL that will open once the correct username and password have been entered.

This example is showing the pop-up capabilities of the file, however if you prefer to have the user re-directed to a specific page within the same browser window instead of using a pop-up window, this can also be done by changing the getURL function to a normal getURL string instead of using javascript code with the getURL.

Pop-up window is currently set to fit the users screen fully no matter what resolution he/she is using. This can be changed by modifying the javascript pop-up code.

Multiple parameters can be set using the javascript pop-up code:
■show/hide scroll bars
■show/hide status bar
■show/hide toolbar
■position of the popup on the users screen
■and many more!


[via http://down0day.blogspot.com/]

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