Monday, October 19, 2009

SwishMax 3.0 Build 2009.09.04

SwishMax 3.0 Build 2009.09.04
Rar Size: 53.39MB

With SWiSH Max3 you can create Flash movies quickly and easily. SWiSH Max3 is packed with features that lets you make stunning interactive Flash animations.
Here are some of the features that make SWiSH Max3 so powerful:
Advanced Flash design for the graphic artist or animation programmer. Full design control.
Project Templates and Wizard Panel for quick publish of included projects.
Bundled with over 350 built-in multimedia effects and a simple effects browser.
Built-in effects make creating animations quick and easy using your videos, text, images, graphics or sounds.
Effects can be applied to multiple objects.
Supports multiple overlapping soundtracks with multiple sound effects.
Choose from over 250 components and vector shapes, or add your own custom built components.
Create and distribute your own special effects and components.
Component Tool for fast and easy placement of common components.

SWiSH Max3 comes bundled with over 350 built-in multimedia effects that let you make fantastic animations with your video, text, images, graphics or sound. The Effects Browser lets you step through each effect to preview your animation - with so many effects the only problem is deciding which one to use!

Need a button, list, menu or preloader? Simply drag it onto the stage. Choose from over 250 SWiSH Max3 components and vector shapes, or make your own to simplify common tasks. Now including Autoshape components.


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