Saturday, October 17, 2009

MP3 Player Pro

MP3 Player Pro
/RIP version, no fla files/
Size: 9.5 MB

■MP3 Player Pro
■Comes with multi skins
■Unlimited playlist capability
■Streams your external mp3 track
■All data, description, path, album cover, set in xml
■Random play, auto start, pause on start also set in xml
■Completley skinnable
■Each skin contained within its own movieclip
■Just copy and paste into your Flash file
To have the playlist closed on start do the following:

Inside the mp3 player movie clip highlight both the “Playlist” and “Interface” layers, then move the movieclips on these layers up or down depending on the player you want, so they are above or below the main bar.
Don’t mess with the mask this will keep the graphics hidden.
On the layer labeled “Controls”, click inside the movieclip instance “playlistMC”. Then just reverse the 2 frames inside this clip, so the first frame has the button “open playlist” and the second frame has the button “close playlist”


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