Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tab Gallery/FLV Portfolio v.2

Tab Gallery/FLV Portfolio v.2
RIP version / 6.5 Mb

Tab Gallery it’s a two level Flash gallery that has support for JPG , GIF, PNG image viewing and for FLV playback. The first level is represented by the categories (tabs). The list of tabs is located at the bottom of the application. The number of tabs can be unlimited and each tab has it’s corespondent in the XML file in the “category” tag. If the list of tabs is too long, a mouse sliding behavior will be enabled. The list will slide horizontally according to the mouse x position. The image used for displaying the tab has to have 56×56 px.

Each category can store an unlimited number of files represented by the “file” tag in the XML .
A file can be a JPG , PNG, GIF or FLV . The preview (thumbnail) is an image wich doesn’t have to have fixed dimensions, it will be scaled and smoothed to fit the surrounding rectangle. Files previews (thumbnails) will have a certain icon depending on the file type (image or video) and if it’s a video file, a play button will appear. If it’s too long, the list of thumbnails can scroll vertically by dragging the right handle or using mouse wheel. The right handle will increase or decrease the scrolling speed depending on the distance from the original position (the middle of the screen).




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