Saturday, November 7, 2009

IgalleryX : Photo Stack Gallery

IgalleryX : Photo Stack Gallery
Source FLA - SWF / 1.8 Mb


IgalleryX displays a stack of multiple photo with reflection and perspective effect. All photos can be accessed by a skinable scroll bar, mouse click or flipping by mouse wheel. You can also turn on full screen mode, which covers the entire screen with the gallery. Data is completely driven by an external XML file and inside the Component Inspector.
Key Features:

* Flash Component
* Auto Slide Show.
* Scroll bar, black glossy skin.
* Flipping through photo by mousewheel, mouse click, or scroll bar.
* Caption effects: Fade, Blur, Scale, All.
* Completely customize Reflection with 7 parameters available.
* Full Screen Support.
* Full Events support.
* Update the photos easily by Component Inspector or XML files.
* Customize spacing between each photo, easing speed, scaling factor of each photo.
* Option to modify the transparent value of each photo.
* Skinning: scroll bar, caption, preloader.
* Completely customize Perspective with many parameters supported.
* Penner Easing Equation.
* Link embedded in each photo.




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