Sunday, February 14, 2010

XML Chromatic Template

XML Chromatic Full Template
Source FLA - SWF / 38.1 Mb

XML full screen template

With all you need: Html module, gallery module, news module, contact module, music player, etc.

All the set up is in a single XML file, no action script knowledge required to set up this template with your own information, photos, news, galleries, music, contact info….All you want in a template is included here:
# Html module – Include html text in flash, you can add your own style to this module. Add unlimited modules with until 4 submenus each one.
# Gallery module – add unlimited galleries, there are many ways to do that, gallery with subgalleries, without subgalleries, with or without views (until 9 per item), unlimited items. Load pictures, swf or flv, specific the dimentions of the flv in the xml or leave empty to show in full screen.
# News module – add unlimited news with title and html text.
# Contact module – add your contact information in the xml and the form will work, the php file is attached.
# Mp3 player – add unlimited songs with the title and loop option in the xml.

And a lot of nice details like circle preloaders, circle videos playbar, scrolls that will appear if the user screen is small, scroll images when the image is bigger than screen user, etc, etc….




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