Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zoom Wheel XML gallery
Source FLA / XML / SWF / 5.4 Mb

Zoom Wheel XML Gallery was inspired by the wonderfully innovative gallery at DVEIN. This gallery has been coded from scratch to be smooth performing, simple to edit, and intuitive to navigate.

Zoom Wheel XML Gallery currently boasts the following features:
* Performance - Framerates remain silky smooth whether there are 10 images in your gallery or 200.
* XML Managed - All thumb images, full sized images, and text can be changed through a simple XML file.
* Light Weight - Published SWF size of about 37KB.
* Compatibility - Coded in AS2, opens with Flash 8+. Backwards compatible from Flash Player 8 all the way to Flash Player 10 beta.
* TweenMax Driven - Unparralled tweening performance and flexibility.
* Dynamic Image Sizing - Regardless of your full images size - tall, wide, big or small - it will be intelligently formatted to fit the users screen.
* Fluid Layout - All gallery elements are dynamically aligned and centered no matter what size the browser window may be.
* Mouse Wheel Navigation - Spin the image wheel with your mouse wheel for even quicker browsing.


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