Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flashden We Love Carousel

Flashden We Love Carousel

This 3D Carousel is a dynamic image/video gallery with customizable categories or links.


* Can display images (JPEG, unanimated GIF , PNG), FLV or SWF in the full-size view.
* Content is easily modified in the XML file.
* Description in full-size view is HTML and CSS formatted.
* Keyboard navigation (left/right) on full-size view.
* Categories can be galleries or links.
* Horizontal and vertical radius size can be customized on each category.
* Videos can show controls with play/pause button, seek/load bar, time elapsed, total-time, mute and fullscreen.
* Option to enable/disable auto-play and auto-repeat on videos.
* Actionscript code is divided in layers: variables, xml and functions. There is no reference to “_root” to easily integrate in other projects.

* Lots of general options defined in the XML file:
o show/hide reflection
o show/hide tool tip
o speed of rotation
o enable/disable auto-rotation
o blur amount value
o minimum scale value
o minimum alpha value
o alpha value for reflection
o blur value for reflection
o enable/disable anti-alias for the images