Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flashden - Dynamic Mp3 Player XML

Flashden - Dynamic Mp3 Player XML


1. Supports unlimited number of genres (click on Pop).
2. Supports unlimited number of mp3 files in each section.
3. Fully customizable – XML driven.
4. Images (albums) loaded from external folder.
5. Supports html formated text (description).


// if true, the sound will start as soon as one selects a song
var playonselection:Boolean = true;

// if true, every time one selects another genre/section, the song will stop
var stopOnGenreSelection:Boolean = true;

// if true, the first song will start as soon as the mp3 player loads on the website
var startPlaying:Boolean = dalse;

// if true, the songs will play one after the other
var continuousPlaying:Boolean = true;

//if true, once the playhead gets to the last mp3, it will start over again
var loopTracks:Boolean = true;