Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flash CS4 v10.0 Professional

Flash CS4 v10.0 Professional

Flash CS4 Professional software offers a completely renewed focus on ease of use. An object-based animation model makes working in Flash more approachableand equally more productive. Adjust timing quickly without breaking tweens, modify motion paths using Bezier curves, and tweak attributes like rotation, size, and color independently.

Powerful new design tools such as 3D Translation and 3D Rotation, Bones, and Deco open the door to new creative possibilities. Unrivaled as an interactive design tool, Flash CS4 is the one place to bring it all togetherimporting content from other creative sotware and working smoothly with other Adobe productsto create inspirational experiences that go just about anywhere.

Use Media Encoder to integrate high-deinition H.264 video to reach wide audiences whether youre publishing content to a web browser, a mobile device, or directly to the desktop with Adobe AIR. More so than any previous release, Flash CS4 enables creative professionals to bring ideas to life in new ways.